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tv   The Debate  PBS  May 2, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the current campus concentration and strength. i i i and moving woohoo. this program is brought you by we'd from norway's mainstream crews were spies the group. explore one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson. the us. i do imagine watching sausage at the us president and the visiting german chancellor said about the threat of tougher sanctions on russia. barack
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obama going up the prospect of measures targeting defence and finance. this is in ukraine to govern helicopters were shot down the aisle to get defensive. it's a good sled dogs has also been deadly stuff streaking up the southern port city of deaths. at least three killed there. also the newsletter may not have a new president can lay claim to the minister along with most eligible bachelor. the actions of george clooney's impeachment to human rights attorney and all of the team. i was char while ago here on false and get you her press conference from the white house. a lot of it. reacting to what's been up friday of escalation in both eastern and southern ukraine. in the port of
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odessa. three killed in clashes between pro russian protesters and supporters of ukrainian unity. meanwhile anton offensive by government forces on the eastern city of sled dogs marks for the shooting down two ukrainian helicopters kids security services when one was hit by a surface to air missiles. obama and such weaponry can only be the work of moscow the ukrainian holocaust to employees that when the skies above still be honest. the latest attempt by the government to retain control of the pro russian points to me. on the grounds of the separatists of a banana tree operation. in the distance. heavy gunfire is hers. followed by an eruption of joy it's been shut down. the first bracket missed the target with me the second stroke is a pain in the middle. he had been
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one of the planet shown here was seriously injured and picked up by the insurgents according to the ukrainian dance ministry to have the corpses were destroyed and two pundits killed in the town locals come together to construct barricades to protect the hall to still be asked from kids trips. this is when the countess of the keys aggressors can get in. elsewhere for russian time to prepare for the next attack and had the armed rebels take their positions across the town. a few kilometers away. ukrainian soldiers come under fire once again this time from locals shame on you screens this woman. we weren't let them come through yet. we will see that far too great or typos the soldiers loyal to ukraine to keep back home. in an area that appears to be one of the progression of course. in moscow russian prisons under putin's spokesman saying the offensive quote effectively destroys the last
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hope for the implementation of the geneva agreements now at the white house iraq obama and the visiting german chancellor. a few short minutes ago wheeling out the prospect of much tougher sanctions sick or ill sanctions they're calling the us president mentioning eventual measures on military spending military trade and finance barack obama who debunks moscow's denial of direct involvement in eastern ukraine. does your korean forces moved restore order in eastern ukraine. it is obvious to the world of these russian backed groups are not peaceful protesters. they're heavily armed militants. for receiving significant support from russia. the ukrainian government has to write in response until the bell tolled law and order within its territory in russia needs to use its influence over these paramilitary groups. so they disarm and stop provoking violence. obama did
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have reason to smile over domestic news wall street's higher. after the u s jobless rate tumbled to a five and a half kilo six point three percent in april of two point four percent drop the fastest in more than two years the police service of northern ireland of only a few hours says more hours to be the release or extend the detention shinn fein leader gerry adams and questioned over the nineteen seventy two murder of a widowed mother of ten in west belfast in congo. the queues at the time being a british army informant. now jerry as number two mark mcinnes calls the timing of the accusations politically motivated and claims police are pushing to extend adams's detention. in serious third city homes a truce that could spell big cheery pro government forces series government and rebels agreeing to that the truce that allows hundreds of fighters holed up in is all quarters to head back to it
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the cctv. sitting in on friday some level i can send me the forty eight dioceses buying homes to allow the month of the making said to me. the needs of the deal was reported by the london based syrian of seventy for human rights. christmas has come as a on the beach in the city went into effect on to maine on friday the agreement states the ceasing of fire and retreat in all of the islamic battalions from the besieged neighborhoods of homes to areas in the northern countryside and hold the regime forces on these neighborhoods. get the misconstrued and then poof like a cake for tea the esteemed blog the president the stack that michael bmx scene. months passed in the crib bedding. i can post it. like this nobody believes this month making it simple and yummy
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he said gary. he carried to break the line between then and even got to take a punt into the confined to the main hold up to santa. government forces in the county had to be a little help because the homes in the last few weeks. wouldn't that be weakened by the pancake and a diehard a position like this appeal is to counter attacks double car bombing on tuesday killed dozens in a government controlled neighborhoods. following a breaking news or three at least three hundred and fifty dead after a landslide buried villages in northern afghanistan. emergency relief teams rushing to remote boxed and comments that you the borders with tajikistan china and pakistan. the death toll could rise significantly it's south korea's second major transport accident two weeks to subway trains colliding in seoul. mr hudson said the injured no fatalities. signaling family blames it sparking fresh
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concern on health and safety in south korea a nation that reeling from the recent ferry boat disaster that left three hundred dead or missing. on that accident poignant images released this friday by the father of a student who died on the ferry footage captured on his son's mobile phone the cause. taking an in demand for a new mini. hence the students did mean i'm going to team has been situation. the ship was already thinking that the announcement of passengers and crew to state that the media. it's been three games three minutes before that she'd been tempted to stay in school the seventeen euro to show that fits each with turmeric and chilli up to me either
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the go. get a good idea. we need the stupid since i need the tools that its continued to and from may to fifteen he typically continental a two four during evacuation and now being detained without the cream and this consistency to make it in moon and three hundred people dead or missing in the cherokee high school students eighteen and a school trip. and finally for debt laden owns elusive search for new present the nation now owns bragging rights to the nines nor the world's most eligible bachelor. and when it comes to george clooney's engagement to human rights attorney on all of the medina well. who can the room for twenty years he's been hollywood's most eligible to live the actor george clooney is firmly on the markets to teach the history of mortals
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weeks this isn't even a professional misconduct the missing piece to be married to this moment. he was born the only team accomplished in my cleaning his client list included weekend extended to the most honest and former ukrainian prime minister has yushchenko it's a match that some police appeals is unlikely that distance in her father's home tenement surprise given exceptional era of making these women. they acted out of this confirms that lebanese women are not just in people's minds but also in their hearts. in the heart of celebrities. so it's an on air for eleven on and on air for tackling because that's where she comes from only that about the other residents of her father's finished the week so we feast at the ninety s before him is snapping up the local women i didn't have a problem with that. plus it's really difficult for me to accept that she's getting married to for now. and someone looks from her religion. while religious thinking to do it
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seem evil there's some for others it could be out on the d line sunni even print the solution to the unseen world peace. i'm headed man with an engagement lines lots of things have been on the evening and the sectarianism and i've been on the creation of eighteen people nonetheless not seen of the time that seemed to buy. it's a marriage made in the gop sen least the one which is sent to the dreams of single women in the best of the world. and on that note it is time for the world this week. eye call this is done to the world this week seven days for parents. these correspondents want our suits and bag of mary of the international and the sorry excuse. i didn't catch the international new york times. it's hard to get
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also with the stewardess tune with ice and concerts we welcome the night and audio of the french news agency afp. and so from the bloomberg news agency the greatest conceivable that of the world this week we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are hushed and t w t w. each day this week the steady drip drip continued in eastern ukraine police station here in town hall there taken over by a coalition of pro russian separatist and masked men in the city of turin yes on thursday after meeting rallies and comprise of our motherland is the same union that tacked on to state prosecutor's office. tacked to the left seeks to police injured and the building taken over by those pro russian separatist and that was thursday of course since that time. and i do we've
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seen it. there was a donkey this friday. this offensive as it were on the flashpoint cities of yawns. two helicopters shot down. tho escalate an escalation in the last week and really thinking when will it stop me to attend to. not really seems to be hosting a means to close and tight. he could not comment on anything right now on what steps to take that to consumers want it to is to meet the peace deal that they reached a few weeks ago and i think ten days ago i was completely shut down because the piano. the scans it and since when do when you first went to ukraine. is it in factory. i miss that. do you think he'd come to this no absolutely not. i went to cannes where and when my son is occupying a pc that it was all very peaceful. i was able to see a few nice speeches about valentine's day except on cent. and then a tactic it's often not survive in some standouts. that's my
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hotel movie was tending to look and then baked the mek that has a big bang and then crimea was an ensign on this and we've come to know many more potential warning in ukraine to do was say this kind cola style confrontation between russia and lasts weeks ahead of a semi and again mary we've heard just a short while ago at the white house. some pretty tough talk barack obama spilling out that there can now call in sick or ill sanctions targeting finance the military says is not yet but it's going to happen maybe. merkel did not disown him even though she didn't just say the words finance and unnecessary. and up and there was a real strong this very strong language from a previous president from the german chancellor. there is firm about them a twenty fifteen is even as a presidential election and in ukraine's you feel as though the west is finally going to
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get when you put into them budge. well i don't know but on the other hand it looks like the sanctions so hardworking. the russian economy which wasn't strong to begin with going into this offensive has been downgraded by the imf and a couple of other agencies the economic sanctions may be the most potent weapon that barack obama can wield it. merkel is a smart woman when it comes to the economy so she is she's backing that i think that probably means that to bring the rest of europe along behind and of course the united us in europe is exactly the things let me who doesn't want. i think is probably hoping in this offensive display america off from the europeans in terms of the response to the crisis because of different economic engagement if you like with russia. they at least this weekend doesn't look like that's happening the ensuring that the sanctions are really working or actually i like it had action hero in fact the story and does what. what
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do we do need to talk but we are really not walking the walk in the story anywhere in the canton political gamble and it's being played. i think that the us by the eu and iran and pretend i would say that this week that it has been kind of like a winning hand. in terms of that because to look at when you look at the economy sanctions that can be a nice job has been put forward to that accompanied the eventual travel bans and asset freeze this is not enough. i think in terms of showing to pretend that we are a united front that we are past that he needs to be known in the us and eu are going to act on it. they have to come to not going to mean the us is not to commit troops. ok it's not gonna happen if the us to commit troops in serious not to commit troops here. i agree but that's why he eats into the whole top gun. we are in our team very hard. how much can you buy it if you're not going and doing
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a thing or if you're not good and tight space to continue to be good incentive to take time to take effect in the house and capital flight out of russia. um there has been the good the ruble has fallen quite a bit. we did some point some of the oligarchs and put a circle you know might say you know wait a minute are you now know we've got our interests to become what we call it a bit so i mean i'd probably too early to judge him on tv the situations that got ahead of russia as well i mean i was seeing now especially today is this pretty seriously. everyone oh and in this entry everyone has been watching the trend is away sense here that the risk is that the spirals out of even consistent island of south was happening outside in the case know anything about them into the heart of much content we've been dating a lot of reactions from viewers up one more step toward civil war and ukraine taken in odessa fascists and taken down to the streets of odessa not looking good. there's three killed in clashes between pro russian separatists in that port city. and to those who
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are for ukrainian unity another reaction. ukraine is on the road to war. it's again the question of whether it's a civil war. just how much of it and who is directly orchestrated by moscow. i knew that this means our questions. ibm can be given the keys i spent a massive eighty and then well this is the kind that's my fun playing the attack that's washington and dad and another time she said i think she's not scared of playing a hand in this in the midst of putting these corruption and unlicensed and their aim being a parent to disrupt ukraine i didn't think they really wanted taken to the east of ukraine attorney recently come to pass the senate. i might be enough for them to. that's as it looks like it did seem a silent on myspace and yes that would be a superwoman has seen the east of ukraine is this isn't half
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the country were talking about two or three provinces right on the border mean we shouldn't get the monaro is no way to the enlightened should make it sound as it is the city of one million people in his car he does and in some major cities in the use of the country. we also need to clone a tendency to go to war is kind of like men debating your house it always costs more money than you think anyone takes longer time so i don't think putin it's hard to kind of think of to go into my new kitchen but i don't think she's aim is to go into ukraine to making paint and to go into work i think his name is actually two and two weekend a country so that i indeed the eu could no longer do anything about it and it's like you're done with that plate of food here's how cooking class you don't want anyone to have it so he spit on it. this is exactly what he is dealing with ukraine to weaken the economy clique to de
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stabilize its own it that i can have it nobody else can happen. still more reactions coming in years when ukraine modern square revolt shouldn't use the ballot box to change the government wants violence wins. why with others not follow that span of one reaction now. one bellwether of just how much moscow is directly involved in again you heard earlier barack obama saying at the white house press conference that the use of surface to air missiles. i believe is he put it back to me the work of a well trained militias and directly seems russia but he hinted strongly i'm one of the one bellwether could be those osce observers now. the group would be on tuesday made a request to visit the state can help. since last week now in the city of sloth yawns can they remain hostage there well not exactly hostages says the self proclaimed
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separatists mare. with over the blurb each of these men held in prisons to house prisoners of all the detainees them i guess it was. and i to marry. i'm sure a and n and if we can if he falls the stand and were forced out. i tend to agree with your gear assessment that these osce observers could be. um could represent a turning point in in the relations between the lesser me on the mark was very very interested in getting them back. whether that means i can commit more firepower to the situation is another thing that this is the kind it is an issue that can rally international support. we knew amy basically do have hostages and you have essentially that the closest to them when you can have peace keepers. in a situation like this. many indians who make these again in law to control him and in the otago pack of it there perhaps let's take a look if
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you will at thursday's may day celebrations in moscow it seemed to be done back to an altogether different and some sporting russian imperial flags red square for the first time hosting a day commemorations. since the fall of the soviet union and the dp like old times and put himself awarded five ordinary citizens the gold star the bureau of labor medal of distinction was founded in the nineteen twenties under stalin where's he going with all of this and you're telling us that this creature and moldova the winner is the new couldn't go in all of this life you know. and do well they yelled this is good as mine and i think that the united states the situation in the same country or the economy essentially she's corruption crimes and corruption on playing well and that's all they can sing the attention elsewhere this is very good way by gaining credibility back in in fact it is likely
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to cause the highs and russians the allies at least another russians us putting him in the senate say perhaps its own sake to come domestic issues are high in an intense in all day for him to attend a papal breakaway regions per rush region so that harry reid has been postponed. with that she too wants to take those on as well as ukraine is another question. and we were mentioned on the miracle of her presents are turning seventeen this week and were ousted are trying to celebrate an impediment to his hometown put himself making a trip to st petersburg the occasion the embrace between put an intruder which ones are on twitter team's completely irresponsible. buy this cd was deputy chief whip of media and is shocked and didn't know that the german ambassador was there too and so was the midst of its foreign affairs spokesperson for. guess which party in the german parliament. see you you got it. so the german
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chancellor she he's in washington can you believe that she's sending. i mean she's probably further out in front and a lot of the german business community is on this issue that's for sure in his notes are using the americans talk about this but yeah they don't have much rated russian and at the gas from russia in on the european countries have a lot of traders russia may get their gas from russia and i'm the ipo want to give that up. you know for some regions in the ukraine it was so much. we think for instance and the loss of seats. went to moscow after the invasion of crimea. his attorney has a lot of business interests in russia a single cent. in germany an awesome friend sent me this was the sanctions area and i come back to inti into the hat the eu and the degree of greenwich in the us has less at stake in the eu and the thing kept a journal has to say once again cnn's dutch
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bank that france has you add it to be a match except that each run shot to be improved if the sanctions were doing on the wrong manner and they're pushing one step too much they can be like no one on your neck shrink and it's bringing the total stock market as well. santa clara markets treatments. we can market disliked i know we live in the globalized world where china and russia. a lot more corn and hot gases and this is the chili stew because europe is really not found a good replacement for whatever gas whatever energy to getting from russia that has a lot of talk about ramping up nuclear development even in germany which has sworn off to the development their talks with france about a new energy future which has got to include nuclear few talking about france. so until the console in europe is as energy self sufficient as american as there's always going to be a pressure point that russia can exert on the deal and something to watch. gazprom potential to
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tap into the zone six in two thousand and nine and ten she might be or not does it again and you know the secret of my so taken back. it's getting the reputation of being slightly unreliable and my pace year to really get there but i went insane and has an angle. still require go and things like nuclear history some acquires one getting new sources of gas from north africa to places like that and then having the pipelines in your beanie able to work both ways it's been a problem right now to be demeaning comes from the sea goes west begun to get the pipelines that they can work both ways unseen in supplying the east from the west and you know with news. publication this isn't a question on this point on the imf and agreeing to deal with the authorities in cairns as an upholstered chair. but you gotta wonder we should follow the money you don't always get the logic of what's going on the ground it's not necessarily about me is which
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it is in no way. i mean this whole thing started when you're cold it was waffling on whether he was going through is lying with the eu ukraine slot in the eu was trained in other kinds of alliances and and age there's a whole part of the country that wanted to be closer to russia and its nice to think that's one reason we talked about civil war in ukraine was so much because there were ethnic tensions are because this one's family didn't like this one's family it was over the economic future of the compass of the country. so i'm saying is that going to put men can feel the pinch in the pocketbook and still continue on with his policy so he will be the first dictator to wrap the country's economy is to make a point. and i think that's why he's quite capable of doing that. i think anyone has watched him operators knows he's quite capable of doing that. this has happened in the speech if anything he died down the curtain on the number and you'll get in and say you know you into stone into a theme here let me know what's coming into
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being the equation and the thing is we have to remember the imf the same we are ready at this time to give you an ex billion amount of money. if you know but you would if you do follow this restriction and that restriction and all that which ukraine has died in his in very warm towards him and his awesome weekend saying i'm going to keep us on thanksgiving and my companion in a month ago or so and say and i'm putting restrictions on screen that's like saying to him and all i think you know you two are divorced parents and this weekend would you rather that your parent is going to be a curse your door and lets him do whatever you wanted to kind of really seemed that i hear that so i'm not a pity i don't put my money on imf money. it's true. gregory was presented with the imf come to soups as well. well on this but i hope so. i mean if the imf was going to be used for purely political aim here and to bolster our view of the situation. in the ukraine the new wood became a speedy end of the line at many high enough was enough london's
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come with come with conditions and thankfully so in most cases of it some pleasant conditions can be a little bit screwy but in this case is to throw money at the ukraine. the wise i'm utterly convinced that the that the oligarchs running the ukraine or even in the olympics when russia so um i think is probably a good thing does anyone think in this case causes of its type is much more to come on the world this week stay with us the african union. your eyes on it. bringing you the latest from across the continent. missed opportunity. and of cos we got home. in any case i first read this. in march two thousand thirteen cyprus with a lubricant bankruptcy in eighteen seventeen the road safety card. in exchange for a moment the european union
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imposed a tax on bank deposits. two years later cyprus is still struggling to recover. soaring unemployment bankruptcies and growing insecurity opportunities to listen to opera. growing numbers are trainees to charities and the state. cypress spokesperson for growth or terry secure its helping cypress resisted. of course when to stop kong. our welcome back for winter use you're just joining us for years in the world this week to sample the stories that will be falling for you at the top of the hour the us president and visiting german chancellor. say they're prepared for what they're calling six schools sanctions barack obama spending announcing we even started finance and defends his parting russia over its involvement in ukraine ukraine were to government
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helicopters shot down at the outset. kids offensive in the eastern city of stone gods deadly scuffles breaking up the southern port city of the desk or at least three killed there. and at least three hundred and fifty dead after a landslide berries villages in northern afghanistan. it's happened in remote and the next time province near the borders with tajikistan china and pakistan. local authorities fear the death toll could rise steeply. i know. call welcome back to what you just joining us this is the world this week which in the company. and i to mary of the international new york times. also of with this tradition of ice to cool sites. we are pleased to join in on him the heel of the french news agency afp
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and every this crazy heat of the bloomberg news agency. we discussed made in moscow in parliament session. icicles are either made a nice tumble this year tobacco. if you don't do well. if you know annie was very violent and we cannot we went into government protests and mobilize for new housing and police and streets were closed on transportation is for stop the need felt almost like a cbc to her. the state of emergency run to the east and will celebrating may day and is specific to the current context or is it something happens every year the thing is since the great christian since the seventies may day has been a little shaky pressed and pressed shirts because there was a nineteen seventy seven and thirty or more than thirty ad and demonstrators piece that passed away after firing an a even a defect in the military government in a military coup happened until two thousand and ten. the taxi was square which we know now we begin
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team which has always been to unload its historically and politically west close to maintain two thousand and ten minutes to add on and his government will pay tax to square two maybe even celebrations to speak last year he closed it before it gets even she couldn't see its identity of its construction site in there might be security reasons and this year peak in nineteen sad excuse me paranoid out he closed it down which created even more. perhaps we can offer alternative sites. we counted well yes but he didn't seem to know it's kind of st is someone coming over at my house to eat in kitchen dining and living the good of the wrath of turkey's prime minister because i'm paranoid that are very much. it's apropos when you hear the remarks he made this week very much focused on the return flow for two with glue and thirty one telling reporters tuesday that he would ask the us for the extradition of the pennsylvania based cleric it's falling in interview on pbs where can one want
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americans to watch out for going. what's he do to us here. they might do against their hopes. what shall i start my spot. the heartache it seems many youths in any normal that today's friends become tomorrow's andes in the center of the rift we see me connected to the good acts and that prime minister announced that i watch the interview would turn the return address on pbs and in the end she talked about a week deemed a lot of things for it to us so it would be nice to be eager to expel him already given the gift and back to us because of the national security be concerned that we have been confirm that he talked about how to command movement is entering wiretapping sanded off is at the foreign minister has been missing too and all the time and all these arguments he's ready to get back at the same time he calls those taking to know that montage of sand and
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sunny in ot. yet i keep a watch list hundred and eighteen. and one comment from you or any of you and is not extradited and taking me now the media no one has been too was delicious and i met him asking for him to be extradited. that's political rhetoric. you know is is ever won a lawyer by training beneath the smooth the top u s extradition yes masses whole process involved absolutely that was the crime he then asked the house for the formal exhibition based on court rulings and none of this is taking place in its beats them down. instead i'm here at the faculty like the sun could be the one expelled from turkey. it is we have to understand here is a prime minister who not only goes back to la but still said p e and sees himself as a prime minister but she sees himself as a lot of different posts so if the prime minister says he knows there might be a reason to give us back in on. it only makes the earlier meeting. i would not be surprised if he found
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an investigation in and so called the lino court's reasons why it should be done it will continue to fall out last friday paris got hit by a political tsunami the bruins many reporters weekend news leaking to oust him struggling collection who did break and spirited how well these are. it was indeed a bloomberg news agency that was the four of the story awesome struggling flagship of french industry to sell its energy branch to g e. by monday. an american had been summoned straight to the french presidential palace she boss jeffrey imm old by then. german rival seen in scrambling to put together a counter bid. and to whom we've been talking on the whole week about the story and it's just the essential question that i've been asked and begged him to the french. understand
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globalization i can't really say what are the french smoking. yet no this is a tough one because i mention recuse myself because i've known jeff hamilton forty years we were college classmates. and that there's no there's no personal tie in the comment i'm about to make about ge and whether it's good for alston should succeed. on the globalization involves things like letting the free markets work. it involves things like a government that does not have a golden share controlling interest in the company watching events unfold as unpleasant as they may be there are precedents in the united states for instance this. i'm not content with his advantage the audit of their presence everywhere but unfortunately has a bit of a cloud to get out from under because the reputation of france in the world is that it medals in what should be free market processes. now the french voters want the government to meddle in something like this they want the government to protect
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jobs and funny thing in this is where it comes in two nd suggests is that jack built has run a company that has two rides on outsourcing for decades but lately his reputation and she has been to brings jobs back to the united states to onshore them. that's all about cost cheaper to bring some of these jobs back home and is due to play in the global markets and worry about safety concerns as happens sometimes in places like china. the fact is that she is gonna make its decision and has made its decision on whether to keep jobs in france purely based on cost and that is globalization and is the free market and friends really can't do much about it except rattled safer that is why we decide. i think the reputation of france the scenes a little bit unfair that not the only country that was mentally fit to accompany the supporters has been taken over this up again with the german government that sank the proposed merger between british aerospace in a bus he was not the french and when she was a german design gets up on his every there's no
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country in europe except possibly be great for great britain. the dad that when you step in if a company and its importance was was probably taken over. but the jobs issue the disease does anyone actually it's funny that the french government is pushing for siemens. when i think the ultimate jobs point of view i think the ge offers a lot better if she is mine austin is because it wants to develop. the operations it's pretty clear that dead dead dead dead. the tall stone would be sort of cheese beach and the euro on the energy front it would be based in france. you can put together siemens announced on the course on the directive these are much more of the need to overlap a lot more needed to be stingy and alston do. and if you bring that siemens run into germany a much bigger company and been awesome in france. it's been a total logical sense to move most of the management to to germany not even a trend towards gop would actually keep alive a decision made in france pm there have missed it i'm
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thinking that too much on point of view the gt offers probably the better one. we just didn't get this whole issue of the view of the european champions opposes him in the crown jewel to the americans were getting a lot of reactions when you're populism here we come for sen shaven off with a former mayor then phone has a lot of. i'll still use the activity is located compares oust him take over to nineteen forty defeat against germany. and on but come on that night and i will be seen if you've read the french press. the german press and the us press is quite predictable on the part of journalists answer as to which one hour to go to a day and yes with the anglo saxon process and has been very scathing of the way the french government has been rampant since i'm like the recent to get well number one that the french government has done this to florida so that mattel and tells them to paper also said it didn't need the help of this he does him with a new nation he gets cut the deal was due on that site known to
7:41 pm
have to say oh i think people tend to forget an anti impressing in particular areas is that all fronts is always asking to more investment especially this time difficult time back. he tended to get that actually investing in front is actually really quite get in and out of companies day from going to have an awesome facts and add that to continue ss taxes on revenues was awful the company said. yes that some innocent as doves. but all cylinders co starring with the house it's almost like they each chose it for me and i'm not a condom makes me tear in our terms covering this topic but it's all listen to it that is so chilling comment. france has been hands on on what's going to stay at the hands on what's going on in. maybe this is the story is assigned and he needs to cut the umbilical cord a little bit so that i can catch one or two words spoken by tuesday france is a communist or still irate over this and
7:42 pm
i should say this out and will become the minister when you heard about it. he took sent a car to the airport to pick up the boss is awesome just bring them back to the tibia to the economy ministry by tuesday he was still irate over the surprise effect of the deal. look what it really is not the argument since temporary and asking pepsico ceo thousand head of the french at them. mr corbett why question formerly instance nearly always told me he was not looking for any alliances. should the minister of economy said a lie detector test as offices. i'm also looking at all. and in the industry minister not ask questions to which is not unlike the answer. this is amazing this is not a company where the government owns a golden share. this is just rhetoric by his team. the waters and was seen by the french government in a statement
7:43 pm
the steelers and still lives on with his strategic sectors. it's an ethos tomatoes and the entree monster tv company siemens we can be bought by nietzsche the german government we just need a proper go at writing down into the german government probably something that would have any power to block the deal will go in on the agenda says. the german government and in all four at the persecution in it especially the minister of economy in emptying a place like friends to have the energy and enthusiasm than that that alone to look as i say commented that the problem needs to ditch the star is becoming his energy is becoming more and more unattainable and he's cutting his own foot and effective date. when you were i watched it in its anti sikh to talk about the line to this tune called ceo of the house then basically my year and that is not politics that's taking things personally. i mean you can separate you should see the separate the anger of the french government of not
7:44 pm
having been informed that having to find out through the media. and views on the actual toi thing actually they're probably not opposed to some sort of link up between boston and he is a luscious. it's a bit embarrassing for them to infuse an interview with the nrc for them i think that he was angry that they were not kept the press i don't think they're necessarily against an alliance between ge and austin was long. a certain conditions are met in terms of maintaining operations in france and promises of jobs and an iconic and crispy in the economy was a milestone that said it was announced this week economists first predicted that china would pass united states is the world's largest economy in two thousand twenty six denise in two thousand nineteen and now on the basis of new data ordered by the world bank. well surprise surprise the first time since eighteen seventy two come the end of the year the united states will not
7:45 pm
be nice to get rid of my knees that is the new engine way of calculating purchasing power parity how's that for economics for it for the first time this season sydney to the nest is no longer the world's largest economy is is the deal or not do i done due to the chinese people not reading them. and the festival this is a specific set of dates that package that had kept hearing comments and is still waiting on us and certain death or semi living standards economical people still in china. and when the problems that are happening right now einstein and mean people reacted on station here in china are in and this week when it came out and they were talking about last week a huge cliche and we got enormous corruption problems that china's be tackled still that's really at this stage we don't hang about with a week ago taking the us on some specifics. jason and i am and i think it's about
7:46 pm
as significant as the headline index showing whether stocks go up or down in any given year. it's a very very small select a slice of data tells people something that i'm not even sure if all that relevant to the country's prospects the country's future tracking rates economists and the rights of what i mean it's not christmas to conduct its not even really income per capita i mean it that the purchasing power index which has a lot to do with exchange rates. and in fact the chinese government is backing away with a lower the number one and the alien because leaders have to do things like some examples on things like the environment human rights. interested in seeing that makes you wonder why the world financial times quoting an advisor to the chinese policymakers making the points in on a per capita basis china there is still of the report country so it does not want to do too much on the international stage. at least not yet. i mean who knows and who cares is on. the city's one report is based on purchasing power
7:47 pm
with riches of the most likey concept to me we can argue for days as to what's most expensive city between york london paris and anyone looking at me to come up with completely different answers some money to chat with either they were looking at on the end who cares and you know. condolences a bigger economy than denmark young people and aimed at the close loss of sleep over this and that is not a bit so many acid at the tpc point is the chinese are are running away from this point i knew none of the one of the biggest. the meat eater anything except the good of the time that is an important player in it. no new world economy. i think that i didn't know it and i need yet no word on this night and i did it to the chinese economy is slowing down at this point yes it is under the government's taken on most welcome. what some some people say i'm a pretty ambitious reforms to make the picture that is good news is that it refers often to call a soft landing or words
7:48 pm
does not bode well i'm no economist but i'd say that they opened with the chinese government is saying that daisy on on taking on these reforms and then four then at the same economy is going to be a bad thing if they actually manage to find immensely perform their economy. i'm then again yes commonwealth states and everyone has been panicked and nuts rice can be such a big deal the first time since the nineteen seventies chin thing leader gerry adams has been to jail. adams has always denied being a member of the irish republican army also denying any part in the nineteen seventy two abduction and murder of jean combo of thirty seven year old widowed mother of ten. it used to being a british army informants by the ira. on the basis of testimony that was released thanks to a court order. adams is being investigated her family. his
7:49 pm
call for it. well mr evans to my pen and i think it will become possible. and he thinks he's a great monday brought the case yours ours and have to remember what it comes to the country. mary's is a good thing. gerry adams's and arrests in being questioned it. it's probably a good thing. in many senses for the family of miss mcconnell. it's probably a very good thing for gerry adams. because this is one of the many shadows the tunnel for his rise as a politician as a statesman. his involvement christian involvement in some of the struggles and you know there's a saying that you can you can do something bad can't live without that. not many people can live with getting away with it so by going in and finally answering questions about this. she can show as a politician that he has faced the music he has submitted or questioning. and if his
7:50 pm
gamble pays off and they can't make anything stick and he walks away said. he's done it himself in october on the eu within themselves and the questions so here i think the heat of the political risk doing the appetite obviously he's the one is made the calculation that it's worth doing it. and they're a lot of people who say he's powerful man of putting him away having him pursued by the british government for these crimes when we do a lot of time to the peace process. the dual of the very fragile peace that exists between britain and ireland so. they're like people who say it she's never been in due time. he's never to be charged anything is just too much at stake. yes we need to treat coming in and it says is the gerry adams case churning historians into informers that's because you're saying in his case rests on testimony was given to the historian. um testimony that was posting on seals after all the interested parties had passed away ireland's first minister
7:51 pm
peter robinson saying quote the red strengthens our political process in northern ireland for people to know that no one is above the law that's not how the boston college researcher who has nco that testimony after losing a legal battle season the supply of going on and find out what happened toronto was why it happened who was involved in. what went wrong and how you prevent it from happening again trying to find the truth of what took place can tell that the people of the results this because no one will now come forth to tell the stories. the series watching super nanny seen since being discussed right now no historical crimes eat or not it's always important to you no matter how much time has passed after that to bring it back in to discuss it but what is going to come out of it than it is just it's really going to take its place in you the truth really
7:52 pm
come out. i don't know but with sequin npc stand right now we are talking. we know about it though you know when when we don't use something sent to a researcher in journalistic he gets to you know that is not meant to be released within the police cease to use it to be the top it's the dumping of them things like that and i know the length or something. if the journalists what he had this interview and offered anonymity to source mean journalists and gone to jail to protect the safety of their sources. theirs is only a certain level of protection that the law for its journalists and what we've seen in this case is that the law affords no protection two academics. this test a mini opera anonymity to another boston college researchers offered anonymity to people who would talk to them and under that guy sees people ensure spoke very freely. but now everybody knows that there is no protection in nineteen eighty have to understand where the researchers coming from this puts a chill on historical research and that i think is dangerous for
7:53 pm
the future. historical research that indicates the top rate of twenty two man tent in the case of jean condos and we they want justice. they do or let the sun is still very fearful for his life and sent sense that i'm not so that the entire family is sincerely ninety nine misc yes sometimes is seeking to assists. well guess it isn't that the door she definitely does want it. and then the other issue is whether this actually really is going to have an impact anyway on and on the peace deal in masturbation is my list is standing still as powerful if he wants closet does he have the preschool am not sure i'm not an expansion on the spit i civil surgeon in turkey there are several it's not just decides to run coming up next on the hundredth anniversary of the armenian genocide and still sore subject. there are several instances in turkey's recent history. where there are two
7:54 pm
debates and questions are about. should be in motion baby blanket amnesty is for things that were dominant under military rule for instance so that we can have that awesome. well there's the electric industries is a good place to come because turkey has a is not only a very complex place the dosage and turkey has historically its present in very different scenarios of what has happened. well you know it's it's a way that integrates the kurds within three points to the creeks with aids in regards to our new signing into a tomb bringing justice and to bring back to the quay street and tricky stewart very shaky play it safe to go back to the archives or it were to be looking to see and to this topic so it's all right two different worlds i run even when we know from this case points to an easy going and what can happen in northern ireland. you really want my okie at the puppy i
7:55 pm
think it's important we talk about in an icy winds blowing in turn sent the nowhere do we have to protect our sources absolute be any good thing that will come out of this will be that there will be a new large sunny day comes that i kinda knew she was raped and antiques that will have more protection for protection and maybe this maybe you will know you have been linked with gerry adams made me mad. maybe this will be what is going to come out of that and the teeth in court and we talk about this secret and even after defense pass when it's the armenian genocide with its debut in when it's this crime to live with a swan valley and after all these years have elapsed and keep week. we do turn the page that we're able to come back to. he was dying to talk about is the question of the police to do their own investigations and not to and and and and not subvert researchers research i mean that's the thing that's
7:56 pm
the issue and in this one leading thinker you i have already done that disagreed with. he's a good money not terrible what a terrific guy and the new handbag to marry lord thank you for joining us here for the world this week the eye. use. i live. you ll
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in. the and. i do. the issue
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he was. eighteen years in ukraine a large fire started in the grass in the southwest of the country killing more than thirty people on the one holding emergency meetings of violence cannot stay just ahead. german chancellor merkel in dc for me. adverts none in an nsa spying. a report on the agenda between the two world leaders. the us become a nation of pill popping children will look at the issue of over medicating our kids later


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